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The company dispatches with the most modern fleet of coaches. In section of international cargo-road transport...

The company has an impact in area of operation of filling station of engine fuel and LPG for SLOVNAFT company.

The order of forwarding sector includes complex cargo and forwarding services.

AdBlue is aqueous solution of urea produces from technically pure urea and demineralized water.

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DATYS company s.r.o. acts in sphere of logistics already 20 years. During these years, the company ameliorates a process of transport on the maximum. Every customer gets to use a trained assistant, who is available during a period of transport all day. Communication can pass in several word-wide languages like english, german, polish and czech.

Using of modern technology and processes

The company uses modern technology actively. Those activities can ameliorate a process of all business operations. The work is characterized by strategic solutions of every accrued situation and also by effective decisive process.

Effectivity of control

DATYS s.r.o. is able to provide a bargain price offer, thanks to consistent control of costs and effective control of human sources.