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History of company:

History of company:
In 1996, the company was creating. In 2011, it was transforming on s.r.o.

1996 – Formation of DATYS company. The company is dedicated with retail sale of consumer goods to other comsumers by own filling stations. It dedicates also with wholesale business.

2000 – The company is entering on market of international cargo transport and it buys its first trucks. It specializes on export to States of Germany.

2001 – The company is expanding with freight forwarding´s sectors, where the company mediates a business between firms and other traffic companies.

2003 – DATYS company expands a squadron of its trucks.

2006 – First ten years of the functioning of company.

2009 – The company is expanding its agency on whole Wester Europe, including Portugal and Spain.

2011 – The company is transforming on s.r.o.

2016 – The company exists twenty years.

In this time, the company insures an export and import within whole European Union, including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italia, Hungary, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Scandinavia and many others.

The company has within network service partner´s centres, also all-day control to the technical condition of vehicules, therethough it minimalizes a possibility of time delay in lead time.

Vehicules are equipped by satelitic, navigating and communicating system GPS, thanks to this, we have knowledges about layout of vehicules in whole Europe.

It provides a full insurance of good, although it is able to provide other additional insurance of evaluated goods.

It provides orders of ferries in whole European Union.